1. Copan Ruinas, Honduras.  A little trip into an oasis of oldness and raining mangos.  Everyday we would watch this tree pooping out ripe mangos, then we would take turns and risk our lives or more seriously our noggins retrieving them from under the tree without being bombed by more raining fruit.

    Seeing old things is cool, sometimes, like when you visit your grandmother and she makes you some delicious tasting food that your mum tries to make but she can’t because your mum isn’t your grandmother.  Don’t ask me how this works but it’s just how it works sometimes.  Old buildings are cool too, because back then there were some pretty sweet people to build those buildings.  Nowadays often it aint the case, people get lazy, there’s nobody to whip them into shape and well the liqour store is almost always just around the corner.  The mentality was different back then,  people worked hard, very hard, like their whole life on constructing a big pile of awesome looking rocks where their superiors, project managers and jefes could later sit on and smoke chillums overlooking their righteous empires knowing that these things would be here for pretty much the lifetime of any god.  That must be a pretty sweet feeling.  Putting your mark on the planet with a pile of well assorted crafted rocks and then having macaw birds and avatar like trees live and climb all over it in a harmonious fashion amongst your creation.  Not too bad Sir Lord Cacao the 27th, muy bien Señor!…..and now we have gardiners with sick looking cow boy hats mowing the lawns with machetes keeping the rocks fit and in good shape.  

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